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lubea innovative start-up ideas of things


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lubea innovative start-up ideas of things


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The Company – LUBEA Ideas of ThingsLubea innovative start up

LUBEA as an Innovative Start-Up is always searching for talents in order to enrich the Company with excellent technical competence, innovation development skills, new business ideas and high-tech solutions.

Our engineers and developers provide to our customers professional services in the IT/ICT/Telco market as well as services oriented to the main customers in the Wireless Mobile Area (Carriers and Vendors) and in the Industry sector.

lubea innovative start-up ideas of things


LUBEA is ready to address the new technological challenges in the Telco market and IT/ICT world maintaining high standards of professionality, quality and customer satisfaction.

The competitive factor of LUBEA is the unique blend of innovation, experience with a strong attention and care to the needs of our employees – an overwhelming aspect in modern Company organizations.

LUBEA’s mission is to expand and consolidate the emerging business, keeping a strong focus on Innovation and Research & Development in the Mobile Networks technologies including the most important Industries, SMES, vendors and R&D Institutes all around the world.

The coming of the new generation networks with the associated Big Data Management opportunities together with the development of the “to be” always-on needs of the mobile consumer world demanding a higher level of the quality of service, require new, efficient and innovative solutions.

The challenge is to guarantee a quicker implementation of the new technologies related the next generation networks (NGN/HetNet) and design new IoT and AI solutions to create and satisfy costumers’ needs.

The experience of our people ranges in from the IT/ICT solutions to the Telco engineering/design services: the necessary background to become a reference Company for innovative ideas and services in our rapidly changing environment.

lubea innovative start-up ideas of things