Check Point Announces MTD SandBlast Mobile 3.0 Solution

SandBlast Mobile 3.0 defines a new paradigm of mobile security that provides the presence of threat prevention technology directly on the device.  Check Point Software Technologies announced the launch of new features in its SandBlast Mobile 3.0 mobile threat defense (MTD) solution, which enables employees to conduct their business on mobile devices securely. Version 3.0 of Sandblast Mobile defines a new paradigm of mobile security that includes threat prevention technology directly on the device.

These are the main characteristics:

  • Prevents phishing attacks on all applications
  • Blocks navigation to malicious sites that may infect your device
  • Prevents infected devices from sending sensitive data
  • Don’t allow devices to access business applications
  • Mights threats regardless of user actions or mobile device management systems

“Mobile devices are a fundamental part of the IT ecosystem of enterprises globally. However, in most organizations, these devices do not enjoy the level of protection they should have, also taking into account that they store and process valuable business data” said Itai Greenberg, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies. “Companies need to implement consistent and comprehensive threat prevention technology across all mobile devices to prevent these devices from being the weak link in their security systems. New features in SandBlast Mobile provide fully integrated protection across enterprise networks, endpoints, clouds and mobile installations.” SandBlast Mobile is the most comprehensive threat defense solution to prevent advanced cyber attacks. Its technology protects against threats to your operating system, apps and network, recording the industry’s highest threat capture rate without affecting performance or user experience. According to Miercom’s Mobile Threat Defense Industry Assessment, SandBlast Mobile achieved the highest threat catch rate of its competitors. Check Point found that attack vectors on mobile devices can be known malware, network and system exploits, zero-day malware, SMS or Bluetooth attacks. To solve this problem, the Israeli company offers a complete solution to corporate customers, which is part of the Check Point Infinity security architecture. Infinity seamlessly shares indicators across network devices, PC endpoints, cloud and mobile.


Translated by: LUBEA News on Line

Reference date: 2018-07-30

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