Cambium Networks: Wi-Fi in the field in emergency situations

In the recent episode of the children stranded in a cave in Thailand, the importance of being able to count on reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for communications and coordination in a very short time also emerged.

According to Cambium Networks, we are now in a new era of disaster prevention and response, with the rapid availability of an internet connection for rescuers and emergency services that can be a decisive factor in the effectiveness of interventions. A confirmation of this vision comes from the rescue in Thailand of 12 kids and their football coach trapped for two weeks in a cave.

“In emergency situations, connectivity is critical for first responders, medical services and relatives,” said Rohit Mehra, vice president of IDC Network Infrastructure. “Wireless connectivity is a highly effective solution when it is available quickly, reliable, and offers high performance and instant interoperability for a wide range of mobile devices. The efforts of first responders and emergency services in Thailand have been supported by connectivity and Internet access which have enabled the communication and exchange of crucial information”.

Wi-Fi has therefore played a decisive role in this affair, connecting the teams to the entrance of the isolated cave, more than 100 km from Bangkok. Instead of leading the rescue operations, local telecommunications solutions provider KING IT, in cooperation with regional telecommunications company 3BB, created a Wi-Fi hotspot at the cave entrance using Cambium Networks’ cnPilot e500 outdoor access point. Here are some installation details:

– The KING IT team implemented the Wi-Fi network, which was then managed remotely from their headquarters in Bangkok using cnMaestro management software.

– Two Cambium Networks cnPilot e500 outdoor access points were used: one was located at the entrance of the cave and the other at the information center tent in the field of operation.

– The network was used by Thai Navy Seals, relief teams and government agencies, with a total of 50 people at the entrance to the cave.

– Around 200 people connected to the information centre, including children’s families, the media and administrative staff.

“Our company works to enable people to communicate even in the most extreme circumstances and environments. Reliable wireless connectivity, available in hours, not days or weeks, allows us to connect people to intervene and resolve difficult situations,” said Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks. “We are delighted with the successful rescue of the football team in Thailand and express our admiration for the rescue workers. We are honoured to have participated by making available a technical solution that has facilitated the rescuers”.


Reference: 2018- 07 – 24                                                                                                    Traslated by: Lubea News on Line

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