LUBEA s.r.l.


Registered Office: Via Tacito 41, 00193 Roma, Italy

Operational Headquarter: Via Giacomo Peroni, 386 C/O Tecnopolo Tiburtino,00131 Roma,Italy



Mission and Vision

 LUBEA: Ideas of Things

LUBEA arises from the need to create innovation, development, solutions and professional services to customers operating in the Telco, IT/ICT and Industry sectors.

The company is managed by qualified managers and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the telecommunications market, the development of high technological and innovative solutions, as well as the provision of design and engineering services to primary customers operating in the areas of reference.


LUBEA is ready to face new technological challenges in the Telco market and in the IT/ICT world, maintaining high levels of professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction.

The competitive factor of LUBEA is represented by the importance that the organization gives to the human factor. In particular, the continuous growth of the level of competence and experience of its team through a continuous and planned training update, together with a strong focus on the needs of its employees, are a fundamental aspect in the modern concept of business organization.

LUBEA’s mission is to expand and consolidate the emerging skills of its sector, maintaining a strong focus on innovation, research and development in mobile networks technologies, consolidating partnerships with the most important industries in the sector, innovative SMEs, salesmen and research and development institutions all over the world.

For this reason, LUBEA s.r.l. it means:

  • provide a service that meets the qualitative needs of customers;
  • provide a cutting-edge service both in the methods of delivery and in the professionalism of its employees;
  • devote your skills and resources to quality, environment, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and updating of the techniques and methods of business management.


The Company Vision is to become the reference for all those who want to create value through innovation and technology transfer of skills in the areas in which LUBEA operates.

The target is to become a leading company in the sector of reference to gain credibility and reputation in the market. Added to this is the need to create strategic partnerships so that this becomes an added value for customers who rely on their services.

Description of the organization and the team

LUBEA is an innovative start-up within Innova Group’s certified incubator. Although it was created in 2017, LUBEA is already a leader in the Italian market, supplying solutions and services to the main players in Telco and in the IT/ICT market.

The consolidated experience of its Management, consisting of Managers and Entrepreneurs with certified reliability in the reference market, the proven experience of its technical team and the consolidated partnership with the main Research Institutes and Research and Development Companies of the Country represent a strong added value that the company is able to offer to customers with whom it operates.

From an organizational and functional standpoint, LUBEA is structured into three operating sections, each of which operates in compliance with the company and system standards, with the objective of meeting the Customer’s needs both in terms of quality of the product/service and relatively at the times requested in the contract.

Network Design Area

Design services oriented to the realization of preliminary design projects, detailed executive projects and to the production of specific technical documentation/elaboration preparatory to the obtaining of permits for the realization of network nodes in the telecommunications field and, specifically, on wireless (wireless) mobile networks.

Specialist Consulting Area

Specialized consulting services of network engineering, oriented and addressed to the main wireless operators and technology vendors and specialist consultancy services in the field of application development as well as in areas related to industrial automation in the Industry world.

Research and Development

Identification of innovative solutions applicable to the telecommunications and IT/ICT market. Implementation of new technologies related to new generation networks (NGN/HetNet); design of new IoT solutions; development of innovative solutions at the application level.Alongside the operational function, the core business of the company is carried out by the Sales and Marketing Sales department which guarantees LUBEA s.r.l. the acquisition of new contracts. This function represents the direct contact with the Customer and is committed to the development of communication and sales strategies functional to the growth of the Company. Sales activities not only involve the acquisition, consolidation and development of new services at LUBEA customers, but also provide for monitoring, analysis and review of services in order to maintain high quality standards in delivery of the same as, of course, the finalization of the sales process through the obtainment of the billing approval (BEF) of the amount due. The marketing department, working in close contact with the commercial function, strives to ensure that the company is considered a leader in the reference sectors and that it acquires credibility and reputation on the market.


The Company is led by Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs with qualified experience and consolidated background in the telecommunications market, in the development of design solutions with high-tech and innovative content and in the supply of engineering and network design services aimed at primary Customers operating in reference areas.LUBEA has internal resources and collaborators with adequate skills to provide competitive solutions with an effective cost reduction. The skills and competences of its human resources help the Client to achieve the objectives by reducing the risk factor, respecting the agreed time scale.

LUBEA provides, based on its own QMS, periodic meetings with the customer to define and verify the status of the project, analyze the problems that may occur during the project, defining the strategy to solve them in a short time.

Company Values

LUBEA attaches great importance and consideration to the corporate values ​​in which it believes and undertakes to apply them through its own employees, collaborators and consultants.The cardinal principles on which it is based are those of:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Entrepreneurship

To guarantee reliability and credibility towards its customers and technological partners, LUBEA also guarantees:

  • Impartiality
  • Independence
  • Privacy
  • Efficiency


Depending on the growing needs of the market in terms of monitoring the quality and efficiency of the service offered, LUBEA s.r.l. its primary objective has been the implementation of a new quality management system to meet the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, as an essential system for both the continuous improvement of the services provided to the customer, and for the optimization of own internal company processes.

Specifically, LUBEA have committed itself to start, activate, maintain and improve its QMS as a system that allows to increase the quality of the services provided in order to increase its competitiveness in the reference market in which it operates.

The organization chart has been elaborated with the intent to better describe the company functions. The quality management function is coordinated by the “Management Representative” who also plays the role of “Quality Management Manager”. Within the aforementioned area will be developed all activities aimed at collecting and processing registration data, related analysis and implementation of the system improvement plan.

These activities are aimed at:

  • increase the degree of satisfaction of Clients and individuals (end users);
  • increasing the partnership with its suppliers, SMEs and research centers (product and service);
  • invest in staff training by planning training courses;
  • decrease the costs of non-quality.

As a function of this, the Management has prepared a special document through which, on an annual basis, defines, in relation to specific company functions, the objectives for the Quality, the related implementation strategies and the appropriate indicators in compliance with the commitment that the present document constitutes. By means of systematic scheduled meetings, the Management reviews the ability of the Implemented Quality Management System to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

It is always the intention of the organization to commit itself to ensure the compliance of the services performed with respect to the specifications defined with the Customer, as well as compliance with the rules and standards in force at the time the service is performed. To this end, LUBEA will make use of specialized technicians and qualified suppliers able to ensure the perfect execution of the work carried out.

In order to guarantee the knowledge of the Quality Policy at all levels of the organization, the Management undertakes to disclose the contents to all employees and to all persons working on behalf of the Company through special meetings and through posting in noticeboard.

The Management undertakes to guarantee, through suitable means, the monitoring of the QMS as a whole through the Inspections and the activity of the QMS review by the Management. The policy is made available to all interested parties according to the activities carried out.

The Management annually prepares differentiated objectives for the different levels/processes of the Company.

The objectives are defined in the course of the QMS Review by the Management.

The Management undertakes to guarantee, through suitable means, the monitoring of the QMS as a whole through the Inspections and the activity of the QMS review by the Management. The policy is made available to all interested parties according to the activities carried out.

The Management annually prepares differentiated objectives for the different levels/processes of the Company. The objectives are defined in the course of the QMS Review by the Management.

The Management, during the review of the QMS, assesses the achievement of the objectives set and redefines them. The objectives take into account the critical nature of the processes and the results of the assessment of the risks related to them.

The reasons that led to these choices are based on the awareness that operating in quality is a guarantee:

  • for the Customer in terms of reliability of the service provided;
  • for staff in terms of reliability and integrity of the company in which they operate;
  • for the Management in terms of control of internal processes with particular reference to the timing and methods of implementation of the service;
  • for all interested parties.

The certified SGQ System represents for the Management a functional guide to the organization and management of the processes.

Through its systematic application the LUBEA s.r.l. he’s able to:

  • define and document the operating procedures followed, in order to make them uniform throughout the structure;
  • define and document internal and external information flows in order to highlight any points of improvement and on these points to intervene;
  • measuring processes and products/services in order to define and control improvement objectives;
  • define and document the needs of customers in order to measure the level of satisfaction;
  • define professional growth programs for all employees aimed at improving their skills;
  • always maintain efficient communication channels with suppliers.

In order to achieve the objectives described, the Management renews its commitment:

  • to define, on an annual basis, specific and measurable objectives for each critical Company process and to disclose it to all the subjects involved through specific training;
  • to monitor the objectives defined through periodic and adequately formalized reviews;
  • to provide all the human, economic, technical and logistical resources necessary to achieve the defined objectives.