LUBEA as innovative start-up is involved with its partners to a research and development project that is aimed to create a platform for the logistics of the distribution of goods in the urban area.
In particular, the platform will have to be able to handle all the operations of a UDC (Urban Distribution Center) from the take over of the commodity/goods, to the intelligent organization of the UDC fleet, in order to optimize cargo loads and their routes. It will also have to monitor the entire process to ensure that the status of the goods is monitored in real time and have a general picture of the works. To do this, the project foresee to realize 1) a cloud back-end infrastructure that can store data and implement optimized algorithms, 2) a carrier-supported smart-phone application that can guide the user through deliveries and at the same time monitor the status of carriers and related goods in real time, 3) a web monitoring platform for staff within the UDC, able to show the overall status of the UDC and all the aforementioned vectors.