LUBEA, from the 05th of March 2019, becomes official sponsor of CT EUR, one of the most important and prestigious sports club in Italy (

The sponsorship contract was signed by Vincenzo Vecchio as President of the CT EUR and by Giuseppe Mura as LUBEA’s CEO on the basis of the negotiation and agreement reached by the Vice President of the CT EUR, Bruno Costi and gives LUBEA the exclusive merchandise of sector, as for all other sponsors.

According to the new agreement, the LUBEA brand will be visible on the sporting structures of the Club and will wear the shirts of the Running team of the CT EUR which this year will participate for the first time with the social colors, to some selected FIDAL official competitions.

Like the other sponsors of the CT EUR, LUBEA will also have visibility and presence on the communication channels of the Club (website, CT EUR Magazine, CT EUR TV, CT EUR Channel) and will also be present at the social and sport events of the Circle of major importance.

For the next two years, LUBEA will sponsor the EUR CT alongside five other major brands such as PORSCHE, LEASYS, BABOLAT, OREO and BNL, all of them well-known companies.

This operation follows an important path launched by LUBEA since its establishment and aimed at increasing and spreading its brand, as well as its services offer.

Furthermore, it is a reason of great pride for LUBEA to have been selected as the exclusive sponsor of the “Running” team, which is preparing to face the national challenges scheduled for 2019.

Bringing LUBEA closer to sport and to young people has always been our goal.

Our company, like the other 5 sponsors of the club, will participate on the front line in supporting the various charitable, cultural and sporting initiatives organized during the year and will make its own contribution so that these are increasingly relevant and visible.

This is another step ahead on our Company growth and positioning…


Giuseppe Mura




The “Running” season of the “Running” team of the EUR CT sponsored by LUBEA starts with the “Talenti Run”.

On Sunday 17 March 2019, in fact, for the first time, athletes from the CT EUR Running Group took part in an official competition, the 10 km of “Talenti Run”, with the new competitive sponsored t-shirts by LUBEA.

It is the culmination of a sporting and organizational journey that began with the modification of the Statute of the Club and continued with the affiliation to Fidal.

LUBEA is proud to give its contribution to these important competitions that will take place in the italian territory and that will see the CT EUR/LUBEA team engaged throughout all the sporting season.

The athletes of the Club participating in the official competitions will wear the new tek t-shirts made by the Club with the logo of the new sponsor LUBEA.