Expertise, Projects & Services

LUBEA has incorporated a qualified team of professionals capable to build-up/integrate/implement wireless networks in all the radio access technologies (GSM/UMTS/LTE/LTE-Advanced) and the other key areas of competence of LUBEA.

Experts with a deep background are able to manage single projects and/or complex projects monitoring all the project milestones that range from the project definition and project target/goals set-up in the start-up phase, to the control of production through a constant monitoring and a strict respect of the timeframes foreseen of every sub-activity that define the project itself, to the verification and analysis of the results.

All the above project management methods to guarantee excellence in the services provided by our Company to our customers, are applied to all the kind of services we provide and, in detail:

  • R&D investments on new solutions and services related to wireless network of 2nd – 3rd – 4th and 5th generation.
  • Services and Knowledge transfer on new functionalities/technologies for next generation networks (NFV, Cloud RAN, 5G,…).
  • Wireless Network Engineering & Network Implementation Services.
  • Probes and Network Quality Monitoring.
  • Indoor Coverage Planning, Design and Optimization.
  • Application Development on web solutions for Internet and Intranet Web Portals.
  • Mobile and Devices Apps Development (on iOS and Android OSs).
  • Software and web apps Development & Maintenance
  • Radio Engineering Services.
  • Site Design and Network Implementation Services (AIE, Site Preliminary and Final/Executive Design, Static Verification, etc…).
  • Optic Fiber Design Solutions (FTTH technology).
  • Handsets Homologation Services (Testing/Engineering).
  • Software Solutions for Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Product Customization.

LUBEA can demonstrate evidence of capability, reliability, and the know-how to supply the consultancy and turn-key services to its customers.

The above competencies will be validated by the customer through a validation process of the project requirements before to start every Service.

ISO 9001 procedures have been already activated and are on–going.