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The coming of the new generation networks with the associated Big Data Management opportunities together with the development of the “to be” always-on needs of the mobile consumer world demanding a higher level of the quality of service, require new, efficient and innovative solutions.

The challenge is to guarantee a quicker implementation of the new technologies related the next generation networks (NGN/HetNet) and design new IoT and AI solutions to create and satisfy costumers’ needs.

The experience of our people ranges in from the IT/ICT solutions to the Telco engineering/design services: the necessary background to become a reference Company for innovative ideas and services in our rapidly changing environment.



LUBEA is ready to address the new technological challenges in the Telco market and IT/ICT world maintaining high levels of professionality, quality and customer satisfaction.

The competitive factor of LUBEA is the unique blend of innovation and experience together with a strong attention and care to the needs of our employees, an overwhelmingly aspect in modern Company organization.

LUBEA Mission is to expand and consolidate the emerging business keeping a strong focus on Innovation and Research & Development in the Mobile Networks technologies including the most important Industries, SMES, vendors and R&D Institutes all around the world.



LUBEA assigns a great importance and consideration to the working values of our personnel and management team, taking care on the following principles:

– Transparency

– Integrity

– Professionality

– Entrepreneurship

The main values of LUBEA are essential to guarantee reliability and credibility to our customers and technology partners that are our strength and reference point to support them on their technological development and success.

This is the reason why in our organization we believe that to guarantee for our customers the best experience cooperating with our Company we need to respect and guarantee:

– Impartiality

– Independence

– Privacy

– Efficiency



Though set up in 2017, LUBEA is already a leader in the Italian market, providing solutions and services to the main Telco and Industry actors in the local market.

The consolidated experience of its Management Team joined by Managers and Entrepreneurs with certified reliability in the reference market, the proved experience of our technical team, the consolidated partnership with main Research Institutes and R&D Companies in the Country are the strongest added value that we provide.

This will help us to be competitive as an Innovative Start-Up and provide our contribution in the technology innovation in the reference Area.

LUBEA provides solutions/products for the B2B and B2C market and can offer to our customers integrated solutions (tools + services) offering competencies and problem solving capabilities positioned on high level maintaining the service quality on high standards of customer satisfaction in the major fields like:

– Wireless Network Mobile Radio Access Technologies (GSM/UMTS/LTE/LTE-Advanced).

– Mobile Transport Networks (PDH/SDH/WDM).

– Mobile Networks Vendor Technology Equipment Commissioning.

– Core Network Management and Monitoring.

– Probing solutions and Design.

– Network Implementation – Site Management – Equipment SWAP (AIE/Site Preliminary & Executive – Design/Permit Management and Installation work supervision).

– Optic Fiber Solutions Design and Management (FTTH technology).

– Handsets Certification/Homologation (Testing/Engineering/Management).

– IT software development on Java based solutions.

– Apps development on Mobile with different OS (iOS/Android/Windows Mobile).

– IoT Networks deployment.

– Bid Data Access and Engineering.

– A.I. solutions.



A strong and reliable cooperation with Companies operating in specific Areas of innovation and R&D is strategic and functional to expand the business and to have our Company ready to face the challenges at every step in line with the choices that the market every day is presenting to us.




Registered Office: Via Tacito, 41 – 00193 – Rome (RM)

Operations: c/o Tecnopolo Tiburtino – Via Giacomo Peroni, 386 – 00131 – Rome (RM)

Foreign Offices: Place de la Libertè, 12 – 1000 – Bruxelles – Belgium


Phone: +39 (6) 400 403 63