New business challenges and opportunities for well-being quality of life are constantly emerging and LUBEA wants to be at the edge of this rapidly changing world. “Ideas of Things “ is LUBEA brand pay-off: the words reflect the Company’s strategic intent to focus on the coming new era of pervasive technologies, open data, big data, IoT at the service of the people and our customers.



LUBEA is pleased to unveil our news section to constantly inform the clients and the stakeholders about the major changes and innovations in the technology field, providing hints about events, inventions, solutions and key people with additional information about the work we produce.

The news section offers a variety of news items on a weekly basis and from a trusted source. News could be triggered by the publication of new data, the launch of a major project, an important new publication or an article worth reading. Similarly, important changes to the LUBEA website or the launch of a new app or service will also be posted here.

Our news selection will include important events, such as international conferences or high level agreements.

We are interested in your opinions and welcome your views on how to make our news section more useful to you.

Please send your ideas to LUBEA team.