With great satisfaction, we announce that our CEO, Giuseppe Mura, has been chosen to become part of The Social Movement, an event docuseries and TV show that will be broadcast on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play and on many other television platforms.
He will take part in Season 2 of the series whose filming begins in Miami this June. It will be a unique experience that will allow him to give his contribution to the resolution of global impact issues together with the CEOs and Entrepreneurs chosen for this great project from all over the world.
In just 4 days he will work to find solutions to cyberbullying, pandemics, economic inequalities, racism, poverty and other issues affecting millions of people on our planet.
A project and an investment plan will be presented to be reviewed by a commission of investors with the aims of financing it and making the impossible possible. His presence, also representing LUBEA, will be an honor for all of us. We wish him to do his best for the causes in which the Company believes and supports every day 🀝
Below, the link to the Season 1 trailer