The implementation of 5th generation networks has so far been the subject of unmotivated “No-5G” campaigns launched on the basis of a “perceived” rather than “real” danger. Therefore, we need to better understand the difference between perception and reality represented by the 5G “case”. The “5” does not mean that the effects of electromagnetic pollution are greater than 2G/3G/4G, in fact it is exactly the opposite. In reality, 5G networks will use a radio signal with a much lower emission power than those currently in the field, and the coverage area of ​​the ” cell” will be very small. Each single “network node” must therefore guarantee the service to a limited number of users. Furthermore, the already restrictive values ​​imposed by the Italian legislation on electric field values ​​will continue to be respected. Therefore, there will be no negative impacts on health as confirmed by recent publications on the specific topic.

On the other hand, the development of 5G networks will support the digitization process that our country badly needs in sectors such as schools, services and public administration.