LUBEA “It’s Christmas Time”

Here we are…!!!


LUBEA wants to thank to all those participants at the event at RED Tomacelli in Rome the 20 th of December to celebrate and share together the joy of the Christmas period and the end of the year.

Our Company was pleased to have the opportunity to spend a great night with employees, contractors and the people of INNOVA, a Company that I like to define and consider as our “older sister”, which has helped us to grow and that has supported us in the initial start-up phase as well.

I would like to thank, above all, Costantino d’Orazio who succeeded, despite the many commitments he has in this period, to stay with us tonight to present his latest book: Art in Six Emotions; an exciting journey that deals with the theme of how, over the centuries, art has represented the feelings of the human soul, paying particular attention to: Desire – Delusion – Torment – Astonishment – Doubt – Joy.

Before the event, we’ve been asked on several occasions why a Company like LUBEA, which deals with telecommunications, presents the book of a really famous and critic of the world of art, like Costantino is, and has created a calendar dedicated to Art being so sensitive to these arguments.

The answer, despite a quick and superficial analysis may not seem immediate, it is very simple.

LUBEA is a company that deals with telecommunications, our company helps, through its engineering and design services, people to communicate with each other, not only through the medium “voice”, but also through images and multimedia contents.

Hence, the project of our company is to enhance all forms of communication such as Art, Illustration, Literature, Comics, Cinema, Music, etc…, all forms of communication, these ones, that we help to spread, to make known so that everyone can take advantage of it and can receive the messages and the sensations that these communication forms transmit.

We are convinced that every form of communication must be disseminated and made known because dissemination brings knowledge, knowledge is culture and a company without culture is a company destined to disappear!

During the event, Constantino, has presented his book to us and allowed to all the guests to appreciate it even more once they’ll read it.

Constantino joined the event with LUBEA and was available, during the night, to sign the copies of the book that LUBEA gave as a gift to all the people invited at the event.

We would like to close with a sentence by Tolstoy that summarizes, in our opinion, the best meaning of the Art:

Art is a human activity that has as its own purposes the transmission to other people of the highest and best feelings to which man has ever arrived.

Thank again to all that have contributed to help LUBEA to become what it is became up to now.


                    Giuseppe Mura


                        LUBEA s.r.l.