LUBEA in 2019 has created for its customers/partners an innovative calendar dedicated to the contemporary artists of the twentieth century, all in line with the company policy to give prominence to communication in all its forms, from Art, to Literature, Comics, Cinema, Sport, etc…
In 2019, we imagined how contemporary artists would have inserted the logo of our Company within their artworks, contextualizing it and making it part of the same.
The result is what you see in the calendar, an opportunity to learn about some of the major artworks of the greatest masters of the ‘900 and to appreciate the genius that made them great!
In addition, LUBEA has created a box in “Limited Edition” of only 25 hand-numbered copies that it has donated to its main customers and partners for Christmas 2018. The box, entirely handmade by some of the most important master craftsmen of Lombardy, contains the calendar artworks in size 33 x 48 cm each protected by a transparent tissue that highlights where the logo (or the letters of the LUBEA logo) are filled in every artwork and describes, in addition to the essential passages of the artist’s life, the artwork itself.
LUBEA is proud to promote communication in all its forms and disseminate it with all the means at its disposal.

Giuseppe Mura   


LUBEA s.r.l.