On June 28th LUBEA celebrated its first year of life in a marvelous scenario on the Lazio coast of Ostia at the V-Lounge Beach.

The party involved employees, professionals, friends and partners who supported the company in this first year, trusting and believing in this project that, after 1 year, has become a solid and expanding company in the Telco and ICT/IT world.

The innovation of the solutions proposed to our customers associated with the high professionalism of the consultants in force of the Company, have guaranteed,  and continue to guarantee,  solidity and strength to the project of growth and development of LUBEA.

The event was a great success, allowed to all the guests to share their experiences within the company and to get to know each other better in a joyful and marvelous scenario with, above all, lots of music and fun.

For his first year LUBEA has given, remaining on the theme of the season, beach towels with the brand LUBEA, red (for women) and black (for men), very appreciated gifts of great quality.

LUBEA awaits everyone at the next event …. thanks to all the participants!