Consultancy & Innovation

LUBEA offers Telco and ICT Professional Services to its customers.

The LUBEA Consultants are in place to help our partners in defining the requirements for the development of new IoT solutions, as well as assisting and/or leading the Digital Transformation process. Our professionals are also involved to support our Customers in the Engineering and Design activities of their Telecommunication Networks.

Our Areas of Expertise

Network Engineering

The consultancy services we provide through our consultants are mainly related to the planning, design, optimisation and analysis of the KPI, SKPI, SLAs of wireless voice/data mobile networks and of data transmission in optical fiber networks. LUBEA has expertise in all radio channel access technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) and operates in the planning & design of network transmission technologies (PDH/SDH/DWDM/…). Our consulting services in the Core Network area are the new services line we’re proposing to our customers

Fiber Optic

LUBEA consultants are specialised in the design of FTTx networks and in the management of the activities for obtaining permits aimed at the creation of GPON networks as well as in the management and design of DWDM networks.
LUBEA professionals work to support our customers in all phases of design, verification and authorisation in the implementation of fiber networks, improving go-live dates, and mean time to market.


LUBEA services in the mobile sector are to meet all the market requirements relating to device testing and certification activities from mobile terminals, to decoders and to all devices which, before being placed on the market, need to be certificated through tests aimed at verifying their performances both on live network and in Test Lab. We analyse vendor specifications, prepare test lists, identify bugs/defects and follow defect management processes on behalf of our customers.

Acceptance Testing Guidelines

The acceptance testing is a level of software testing where a system is tested for acceptability. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the system’s compliance with the business requirements and assess whether it is acceptable for delivery by each Operator. LUBEA also performs Site Acceptance. Our Company will provide its qualified engineers to document any difficiencies in the Site, as well as any potential Cost impacts to the Operator prior to the “GO LIVE” of all sites under acceptance.

Digital Transformation

LUBEA is working hard to illuminate what value digital transformation can bring to industries. Our goal is to bring a human experience to technological developments, providing ways to maximize value creation across all assets and operations lifecycles while targeting return on the investment. LUBEA will work with each Customer to help identify how Digital Transformation improves profitability on Capital investments providing our Customers with a Competitive edge in their Business.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) starts with connectivity, but it’s digitization where LUBEA has expertise in this forum. The IoT platforms that enables the digitization of physical products and the collection of their data is co-ordinated by LUBEA on the Customers behalf. All companies, big and small, can transform into digital companies by using an IoT intelligence from LUBEA. This move to digitization is being led LUBEA in every aspect of the Customer Business.