Company Profile

LUBEA is a strategic consultancy company with its headquarter in Rome.

LUBEA is a strategic consultancy company with its headquarter in Rome.
The Company aim is to transform important companies and multinationals into even more competitive, dynamic and successful companies in sectors such as Information Technology, Telco, Industry and Digital Transformation. Our competitive advantage comes mainly from three factors: the proven experience of our team of experts and technical consultants, the cooperation with research and development institutes/companies in our country and the differentiation strategy through which we provide our services with unique features. LUBEA customizes integrated solutions (services and products) in B2B market sector thanks to the know-how and skills of our professionals, always guaranteeing a high level of quality and satisfaction of the end client.

Our Supporting Business Areas


The Sales Department deals with the acquisition, consolidation and development of new services. This corporate function is also responsible for client relationship and verifies within the Company that the progress of ongoing projects is constantly monitored in order to provide services in line within the expectations of the end client.

Marketing & Comunication

The M&C Department works very closely with that of sales, seeking to increase the brand awareness and the brand reputation of the Company and to define company positioning in the reference market. In regards of business development, the Marketing Area develops strategies of diversification of the business through market data analysis and competitor analysis.

Innovation and R&D

A company needs to innovate its content and commercial offer in order to be able to propose services and products suited to the needs and demands of the constantly evolving market, this is truer especially in areas related to industrial automation and digital transformation. Our team of consultants offers support for ongoing projects or, alternatively, accompanies the client in defining a business innovation plan to allow growth and modernization.