Research & Development

LUBEA offers complete outsourcing consultancy and full turnkey solutions in the ICT sector. The company services are mainly oriented to Industrial Automation and Digital Transformation.


LUBEA ICT consultancy services range from the development of application solutions on web portals using Java/J2EE/Angular, to the creation and development of apps on iOS and Android mobile platforms with the possibility of providing consultancy through our experts working in the field of IoT and Big Data as well as Artifical Intelligence (AI). Our main goal is to offer targeted high skilled and trained consultants to support our customers in short and long term solutions, offering the opportunity for Customers to focus on other components of their Business and Revenues.


All companies need to innovate its contents and operational processes in order to be competitive in all Markets. With LUBEA, Customers are provided short and long range services that provide the Customers significant returns on investments.
Clearing roadblocks in order for Customers to accelerate time to market activities, and capture revenues in shorter periods of time.
Internally, or by making use of certified partners, we are able to manage on behalf of our customers all the phases ranging from the feasibility analysis, to the definition of the project budget, analysis of the requirements, development plans up to the testing and delivery of the solutions on which we operate within our team of developers.

Since 2017 we have been always supported an internal policy to close agreements with the main Italian Universities of Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunications to bring value to academic research and development projects and to be able to provide the best solutions to our customers, all in order to obtain a real and measurable competitive advantage.
The LUBEA team of consultants offers support for projects already on-going or, alternatively, accompanies the customer in defining a business innovation plan for the new ones.
LUBEA has been established as an innovative start-up and has carried out software development projects since its establishment. An example is given by the development project of an application designed to manage urban transport logistics created with the support of a partner company. This project is part of the plan for the development and integration of innovative solutions in the context of Smart Cities.