LUBEA provides our customers with consultancy and solutions in the ICT field. The company services are mainly focused on Industrial Automation and Digital Transformation.

LUBEA ICT consultancy services range from the development of new applications on web platforms (through computer language like Java/J2EE/Angular), the implementation of new apps on iOS and Android mobile platforms, to our experts’ support in IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our primary goal is to support our customers with skilled consultants who can help them implement short-long term solutions.

Any company should renovate its procedures in order to be able to meet Market’s needs. LUBEA provides Customers with a wide range of services which allow them to get earnings in a shorter period.
Upon request of our customers, we can manage all phases ranging from the feasibility studies, the definition of the budget required to develop a project, the analysis of requirements, the implementation of projects, to the testing and delivery of solutions we work on with our team of developers.

Since 2017, we have always fostered an internal policy with major Italian Universities of Engineering, Computer Science, and Telecommunications not only to bring value to academic research and development projects, but also to be able to provide the best solutions to our customers.

LUBEA team of consultants provides our customers with innovative solutions or, alternatively, helps the customer define a business plan for new projects.
LUBEA is an innovative start-up which carries out many software development projects as shown by the development of a new application designed to manage logistics in urban transport. This project is part of a wider project aimed at implementing innovative solutions in the field of Smart Cities.