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EconomyMagazine interviews LUBEA CEO, Giuseppe Mura.  During the interview, Mr. Mura describes his idea of creating a good business and the principles / values which characterize…
Arkomedia Web Agency
17 February 2022
Life in LUBEA


On June 28th, LUBEA celebrated its first anniversary in a very suggestive location in Lazio, V-Lounge Beach (Ostia). The party was attended by employees, professionals,…
Giuseppe Mura
19 April 2019
Life in LUBEA


Partnership Since March 5th 2019, LUBEA has become official sponsor of CT EUR, one of the most important and prestigious sport club in Italy (learn…
Giuseppe Mura
5 March 2019
Ideas of Gifts

LUBEA 2019 calendar

In 2019 LUBEA produced an innovative calendar for its customers/partners dedicated to artists of the 20th century, highlighting the key role played by communication. We…
Giuseppe Mura
20 December 2018

Ideas of Things