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In the October 2022 issue on Top Management by Le Fonti – World Excellence the most influential tomorrow’s leaders describe how to master key roles and the characteristics of a good contemporary leader. Among them, Lubea’s CEO, Giuseppe Mura, examines his company, its mission and the main goals that have been achieved over the last five years.

In his interview with Ms. Maria Buonsanto, Mr. Mura explains the reason why he has decided to establish an innovative and high-tech company, and which are the key factors to be an effective leader in an era of constant change.

According to Lubea’s CEO, great leaders are those who take the risk and face challenges; those who can think out of the boxes and are able to create a company which understands and meets employees’ needs. Great leaders should be flexible, open minded, empathetic, and able to create inclusive work environments.

Lubea resorts to a business ethics-oriented approach aimed to instill skills and professionalism to its employees and collaborators, by encouraging them to reach common goals. The company values everyone and treats people with dignity and professionalism.

As stated by Mr. Mura “our goal is to increase our customer base network by promoting our core brand values in the market.”