Values & Team

LUBEA’s objective is to deliver Innovation and Leadership in Transformation to all our Customers.

We are able to satisfy our Customers’ needs by implementing key factors, like “Time to Market”, “Return on Investments” (ROI), and others, providing quality and trustworthiness to our customers.

LUBEA instills to its employees and collaborators the values it believes in, values which represent the basis for a successful strategy in our business, and which define the ongoing cooperation with our Customers and partners.

In line with our internal policies and in full compliance with our Business Code of Conduct, our culture is based on transparency.
We share public info about the company itself, but not confidential info related to our employees: this is a fundamental value which makes us reliable while managing relations with Customers and partners.

We act with integrity and honesty respecting the needs of our Customers in order to strengthen our long-term relationships. We also have an enduring vision, both for business management and for professional relationships with clients. With this in mind, we are more than certain that being considered as a solid and healthy company will strengthen our brand reputation and will help us become a leader company.

Being unbiased in our work means carrying out activities by meeting our Customers’ requests. Our goal is to establish a professional relationship with them so as to provide them with the best services.

We are focused on implementing projects and proposing innovative solutions respecting set deadlines: this way, we can guarantee our Customers efficient results and an optimal cost/benefit ratio of supplies.

We are focused on implementing projects and proposing innovative solutions respecting set deadlines: this way, we can guarantee our Customers efficient results and an optimal cost/benefit ratio of supplies.

We always try to pass down to our employees the entrepreneurial spirit ‘cause we strive to have dynamic people as part of our team. This factor is subject to in-house assessments in order to stimulate our staff to consider the company as a body which always needs to be strengthened and not exploited. We are leaders in the search for specialized candidates, and we are leader in providing original and creative solutions to face the many challenges of the market.

Giuseppe Mura

CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of LUBEA s.r.l., Giuseppe Mura graduated in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cagliari. He has worked for over 20 years in the Telco sector as a business partner of several companies in Italy and abroad, helping to strengthen and develop their positioning in sectors such as Telco, Information Technology and Digitization.
His long and consolidated experience in the management, sales and development of services in the above sectors, have allowed him to acquire in-depth knowledge of the end-to-end sales processes, contract finalization and service management aimed at national and international customers.
He also has a profound and consolidated experience of project/program management gained in the management of national and international projects and acquired by relating to multi-cultural and diversified realities by managing different customer-side approaches, both in the operational management of projects and in business development. He has managed projects in several countries in Europe, the Middle East, the United States (Florida) and South America (Brazil).
His profile is characterized by strong communication skills and abilities that have allowed him to consolidate interpersonal relationships of trust and transparency with employees and customers.
His extensive experience in the management of human resources and in the recruitment/training of personnel, give an important contribution and value to LUBEA, characteristics that, together with his professional skills always appreciated by Customers and colleagues, make him the driving force behind our company.

Ciro Cafiero


Elisa Mura Beynon

Budget & Cost Controller

Carmine Adimari

Head of Fiber Optic Services

Giorgio Tamagnini

Head of Radio Design Services


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