Network Design

While working on network infrastructures, LUBEA provides switchboard operators and technology vendors with a wide range of consultancy solutions and services.


LUBEA consultants give support to the management and coordination of design studio which produce the required documents aimed at obtaining permits for the building of new Radio Base Stations (BTS)/Network Nodes (NodeB).
Our consultants verify the compliance of documents; they interact with governments of cities to get the required permits; they oversee executive projects, carpentry, and they coordinate with operations managers and firms doing fieldwork. Also, our consultants work upon request of our customers, and they assess the compliance of implemented solutions/projects; they support firms in the realization of several systems by avoiding Operators paying additional costs for works.


Thanks to our expertise and skills in Network Design/Deployment field, we are able to guarantee our customer the trustworthiness they need in the development of wireless/mobile and optical fiber networks.

LUBEA plays a key role in the provision of Advanced Network Inventory Services using Laser-Scan and Drones. These services involve an accurate screening of mobile radio network infrastructures through the development of clouds, which are able to depict systems with millimeter precision. This way, each element of a specific system can be remotely detected, and their export to Revit allow us to reproduce reliable BIM models in line with what we are working on.