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LUBEA presents its “2021 Ideas of Gifts” to be addressed to its employees, collaborators, and customers. COVID19 pandemic triggered the most serious economic and health crisis we went through; even during hard times, our Company kept producing new gifts to celebrate Christmas time and give people a smile. In addition to new calendars, depicting some of the most representative artists of the twentieth century, LUBEA produced both COVID19 face masks and cases made by “Botteghe dell’Arte” and painted by Giovanna Palimodde.
COVID19 kit is made of a double layer of TNT fabric, which is the same one used to produce surgical masks.

Please pays specific attention when cleaning them cause their fabric is a non-woven fabric (100% polypropylene) which, being breathable and synthetic, has antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. Each mask can be made of several layers, but we have opted for having them made of double layer so as to provide higher self-protection. You can wash, sanitize, and reuse them.

Masks, black for men and red for women, are brand-new! Take a look at the following images and get a behind the scenes look at their production process. As it happened last years, this year we gave face masks to our employees, customers, and partners.