LUBEA and its “Ideas of Gifts” for employees, collaborators and customers in 2021 🎁🥂🎄🔜

The end of this dramatic year that we have all lived is approaching, the pandemic and its effects have been devastating but, despite everything, LUBEA continues in its tradition of “designing” new and exclusive gifts for the Christmas period.
Gifts that could not, therefore, in addition to the new corporate calendar dedicated to some of the most representative characters of the twentieth century in a “pop art” version, not to be associated with the theme that characterized the past 2020 year, namely the pandemic and the ongoing health emergency 😷!!!
We have, then, created, always in line with our unique style – a guarantee of quality and creativity – a set of handcrafted protective masks for men and women in a limited edition with an associated matching case made by the “Botteghe dell’Arte (” of “Su Gologone (” and painted by the artist Giovanna Palimodde, creator of a unique style of its kind and famous all over the world: “Su Gologone Style”.
The Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) were hand-crafted with a double layer of TNT fabric, the one used for the production of surgical protection masks.
TNT is a non-woven fabric (100% polypropylene) that has antibacterial and anti-allergic characteristics as it is a porous, breathable and synthetic material. Due to its consistency it is a protective tissue against saliva particles. In addition, each mask can be made in several layers, we have made it in double layer so as to guarantee the maximum and most effective protection for the user.
The masks are washable, sanitizable and reusable.
Each piece, made on a black base for men and a red base for women, is unique and exclusive!!!
In the gallery that follows, you can admire the phases of craftsmanship that led to the production of these “jewels” of local craftsmanship.
We are proud to have, once again this year, been able to offer to our employees, customers and partners the LUBEA  gifts, reconciling exclusivity, elegance and usefulness as has always been our style 🤝🚀🎙

Giuseppe Mura – CEO – LUBEA s.r.l.