In 2021 LUBEA, after having promoted with its calendars the art of the contemporary artists of the ‘900 in 2019, having promoted the cinema illustrating some of the best scenes of some of the most iconic films of the last decades in 2020, with the new calendar 2021, our Company enhances another form of art and communication: The Pop Art!
In the new calendar, we present some of the most representative characters of the twentieth century in a pop art version with the unique and exclusive style that has always distinguished our calendars, which have become real cult and collectible pieces of innovative ideas.
As usual, each calendar illustration is accompanied by a phrase characterizing the character represented in the reference month.
Famous phrases of important personalities from the world of politics, music and sport will accompany you on the long journey that will be the new upcoming year and that we all hope will be better than the one just passed by.
After LUBEA in…Art of 2019, in 2020 we’ve produced LUBEA in…Movies, in 2021 we now have LUBEA in…Pop Art and, in 2022, will we create LUBEA in…? Follow us and you will know soon!!!
In the gallery below, you can admire all the 12 exclusive illustrations placed in the calendar.

Enjoy with this new LUBEA gift!!!!

Giuseppe Mura – CEO – LUBEA s.r.l.