From the 1st Β of January, the LUBEA headquarters moved and landed in EUR, the historic district of Rome, in a splendid new location that combines work and corporate “wellness”, continuing its philosophy of guaranteeing a work ecosystem for its employees focused on well-being, quality and efficiency of the work done by your team.

The new location is the Spaces EUR Arte in Viale dell’Arte 19, a wonderful place conceived according to an Anglo-Saxon model with large spaces, meeting rooms and services having Art in all its expressions as its main theme, a form of communication to which LUBEA has always been particularly careful. The strategic position of the new offices is made such by the proximity to our main customers, the Airport and the Metro, guaranteeing our company more efficient and faster connections. The structure has also large relaxation areas to “recharge” during the working day and allow meetings with our customers in comfortable areas within a comfortable and functional environment 🎯!!!

Giuseppe Mura – CEO – LUBEA s.r.l.