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On May 29, 2022, the eternal city hosted the second edition of Talenti Run, a competitive (10Km) and no competitive (5Km) regional race promoted by Centro Sportivo Maximo Sport & Fitness and by OPES Committee, in partnership with Rome III municipality and Fidal Regionale Lazio.

Alessia Bozzi and Piera Attasi, two athletes from CT EUR, were among the many runners who participated in the marathon. For male category Mr. Muzi Fabrizio competed in quality of PACER (experienced runner) who encouraged and helped Alessia achieve her timing goals below 55 minutes. The same thing happened to Piera who was supported by Raffaella and Roberta – 6’00″km PACERS – whose help allowed her to end marathon in less than 1 hour.

The two athletes competed wearing red and white shirts with LUBEA logo on them. More specifically, LUBEA is a consultancy company providing services in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field. Since 2019 it is the official and main sponsor of Circolo Tennis EUR: this sponsorship has been giving the company a real opportunity to showcase its business and increase its brand awareness. Also, just like Algida and Babolat, LUBEA has been strengthening its longstanding partnership with CT EUR, and its initiatives and events will be promoted on CT EUR  platforms (website, magazine, CT EUR broadcast channel etc.); at the same time, the company will have the chance to take part in the most relevant sport events, contributing to the achievement of its main goal: raise awareness of the key role played by sport as a tool to encourage education, solidarity, social inclusion, tolerance, understanding and get local communities together.

Tennis Fair Play, taking place in September, FIT Junior Next Gen Competition, Race for the Cure and Talenti Run are some of the most important events sponsored by our company which, as stated by the CEO Giuseppe Mura, “upholds sport and its values…values everyone should benefit from not only in private life but in public life as well.”