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LUBEA renews and strengthens its partnership with EUR Tennis Club, one of the most important Tennis Clubs in Italy. The project, started in 2019, involves other companies, like Algida, Leasys, Telethon, BNL, Jaguar, and it aims at strengthening the cooperation between our Company and partners, while highlighting the key role played by Sport and its core values. We have confirmed our support to the Sports Association by financing its initiatives throughout the period of health emergency and covid restrictions.

The Company has made its contribution letting CTEUR be involved in the promotion and development of new initiatives aimed at spreading sport values: wellness, healthy competition, fair play, sense of belonging, discipline, respect, dedication, commitment, competition, ….  values we really care for, and that we always pass down to our employees.

LUBEA will be the official sponsor of Club Running team, established in 2019. Running activities will resume in fall, and we really hope that our athletes could rank first and achieve further results. Also, LUBEA will support the “Fair Play” Tennis Tournament, which will take place in the club’s fields in EUR park – Rome. Business, communication, and sport: these are the three elements that best represent the values our company believes in!