LUBEA renews and consolidates the partnership with the EUR Tennis Club, one of the most exclusive Tennis Clubs in Italy. The path that involves Top Companies such as Algida, Leasys, Telethon, BNL, Jaguar, continues the project started since 2019 and strengthens the link between our Company, Sport and the values ​​we all share. We have confirmed our support to the Sports Association by supporting its initiatives throughout the period of restrictions imposed by the health emergency and in full compliance with the rules adopted to contain the pandemic. The Company has thus made a concrete contribution to maintaining the bond that sees CTEUR engaged in the promotion and development of ever new initiatives aimed at promoting sport and what sport represents: wellness, healthy competition, fair play, sense of belonging, discipline, respect, commitment, competition, …. all values ​​in which we recognize ourselves as an entrepreneurial reality and which we transfer to our business as well as internally. LUBEA will be the exclusive sponsor of the Running team of the Club, a new sporting discipline introduced in 2019 and which our company has supported since its establishment. Running sports activities will resume this fall and we all hope that the national competitions in which the athletes will participate will give us even greater satisfaction than those achieved in the pre-Covid period. Furthermore, LUBEA will be the promoter of the “Fair Play” Tennis Tournament which will take place in the club’s fields immersed in the splendid scenery of the EUR park in Rome. Business, communication and sport, three elements that integrate perfectly into what our company represents! #marketing #businessbenefits #wellness #partnership #branding 🎙🎾🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️