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On July 8 2021, LUBEA was awarded LE FONTI as entrepreneurial excellence in “Innovation, Leadership and TLC Consulting.” We couldn’t believe we were among the winners of this prestigious prize, and we are so grateful that our dedication gave us the chance to succeed. (Click on the following Link for further details about the ceremony)

Prior to ceremony and during CEO Summit entitled “The excellences talk about economic recovery. Successful companies leading to implement the Italian System,” LUBEA CEO, Giuseppe Mura, was interviewed by Manuela Donghi; he was later invited to deliver remarks.
In his speech, he described how his company was able to go through hard times caused by healthcare system crisis and economic crisis (link).

Mr. Mura thanked his employees, collaborators, and partners who made it possible. Once the award ceremony was over, our CEO was invited to grant interview to better explain his idea of making business and the core values the company rests one (link). After the ceremony, guests attended the gala which took place in the gorgeous location of Diocesan Museum.