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Carabinieri institutional magazine, Carabiniere, has published the August-September issue on Lubea s.r.l, leading Italian company in the telecommunications field. The issue not only raises Italian citizens’ awareness of the law but it also makes an in depth analysis of the so-called 5.0 companies’ entrepreneurs, like Giuseppe Mura, Lubea CEO and founder.

Lubea s.r.l represents the Italian company culture which truly embodies its mission, its history and core values. The company is also known for its strong commitment and dedication to promoting cultural initiatives and campaigns aimed to raise people’s awareness of specific topics, like Race for The Cure marathon, to encourage economic growth, inclusivity, SMEs growth and innovation.

As stated by Mr. Mura “I am so grateful for this acknowledgement of our hard work. It is good to see that our values, which provide our customers and partners with the reliability and trust they need, are widely appreciated. Being considered for the official law enforcement issue is certainly a sign of prestige and trust in what we doI would really like to thank Carabinieri for this opportunity but also for their incredible and precious work, helping build stronger, safer, and self-sufficient communities.

A special thanks to my employees, collaborators, customers and partners who provide us with their daily support and knowledge.