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Over the last years, electromagnetic fields effects in daily life have been one of the most debated topics raising concerns in several EU countries, like Italy. A common EU directive on electromagnetic (radio waves) fields could allow many companies and businesses to benefit from them to create more efficient and high-quality services; at the same time, the exposure to EMF, like high voltage cables or radio and cell phones antennas, raise concerns about health issues.

Italian citizens and activists fear that continuous exposure to EMF, especially cell phone antennas, can damage people’s health. When it comes to talk about electromagnetic pollution, politicians should be focused on implementing current regulations to prevent people from suffering from health issues without forgetting the added value that these technologies could bring to our country.

In the shared section of TLC – A glimpse into the future, Lubea s.r.l and Le Fonti make an in-depth risk analysis of EMF consequences, the disinformation and EU regulations.

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