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If in the past the concept of metaverse might seem like a futuristic idea, today, in a world increasingly digital and interconnected, it has become an integral and tangible part of the society we live in .The metaverse is the union between physical and virtual reality  providing extraordinary immersive experiences: a new dimension that allows people to interact, work, and ideate concepts in completely innovative ways.

This new virtual reality space not only foster business growth but it also allows users both to take advantage of innovative goods and services, like brand new virtual shopping markets, to perform interactive and immersive experiences of museums as well as working simultaneously on projects. Even though the metaverse sparks interest in many people, it can impact negatively on our society as it can lead most of us, especially the younger generation, to loneliness and social isolation.

In the shared section of TLC – A glimpse into the future, Lubea s.r.l and Le Fonti describe the metaverse, its positive impact, ethical implications and how it will change the work environment.

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