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The technological landscape in 2022 was characterized by the artificial intelligence, which leverages tools like Dall-E or ChatGPT to generate images, texts, code strings or videos. The new AI-based platforms, now an integral part of our society and of an increasingly digital and interconnected world, have multiple application areas and can be significantly employed to optimize and expedite the processes of businesses and public administrations. Their widespread adoption is just the first step towards the “full digitalization” that the Gigabit Societies of the future are striving for.

Lubea and Le Fonti, in the shared section of TLC – A glimpse into the future, analyze AI, its potential, and its new development opportunities. They also discuss the ethical implications associated with its unregulated use, the impact it will have on the market, and pose numerous questions about the fast-approaching full digital future towards which we are rapidly heading.

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