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On June 21st, 2023, the economic and financial newspaper Il Sole 24Ore published an article about Lubea s.r.l., a consulting company that, over the years, has become one of the 50 Italian excellences in the telecommunications field. In the article Dr. Giuseppe Mura, Lubea’s CEO and founder, describes how innovative and forward-looking choices can help leaders of entrepreneurial realities lead them doing business in an inclusive and sustainable way.

As stated by Dr. Mura: “Nowadays, the word leadership is not always used properly and to me being a great leader means communicating the core values, professionalism, and mission of my business to employees while, at the same time, establishing a relationship of mutual understanding and trust with customers and partners. This is what the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem should need.” Today, being true leaders means being able to inspire and motivate others by creating inclusive and fair companies.

Another important issue that has been analyzed in the article is corporate brands positioning and their business identity. Lubea is one of the most valuable TLC Italian companies which always resorts to its core principles when interacting with other companies, customers, and stakeholders, shaping and strengthening its culture and business strategies.

The company thanks Il Sole24Ore for publishing this article and for considering it as a leading reality among Italian SMEs.