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TLC field is ready to pave the road for 6G networks which, with their unique technologies, will shape the future of communications entering the full digitalization era. Expected to become available in 2030, the vision for 6G is to create a reality where the digital and physical worlds can be merged. This merged reality of the future will provide new ways of meeting and interacting with other people, new possibilities to work from anywhere and new ways to experience faraway places and cultures through AI software.

On the daily online newspaper, Lubea s.r.l and Le Fonti have published the fifth issue on 6G pros and cons, analyzing the new technology and its impact on companies, people, and digital platform-based ecosystems.

The 6G will have a significant impact on real-time data processing and on the digital divide. Even if 6G are currently under development and research their impact will unlock the potential of telecommunications.

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