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On November 17, 2023, the CEO and founder of Lubea, Mr. Giuseppe Mura, released a video interview to the Italian economic and financial daily newspaper, il Sole24Ore, which complements the one already included in the in-depth report “Telecommunications Networks and Innovation for Digital Transformation,” published in the RadioCor section.

Over the interview, Mr. Mura, made an in-depth analysis of the many challenges that the Telco industry has been facing over the last years, like how to control and reduce electromagnetic pollution, how to decrease the digital divide, and how the strategic National Recovery and Resilience Plan has been making the Italian economy more stable. Mr. Mura has also paid specific attention to telecommunications infrastructure and how 5G and Fiber optic networks’ managing by foreign direct investment funds could severely impact the national digital ecosystem.

It was finally examined the impact that the free market could have on the economy, determining situations of unfair competition. In view of this scenario, what is really needed is resorting to a fair approach aimed at implementing a fair competition and the well-being of us all.

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