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On the issue of EconomyMagazine, to be released on Monday December 6th with Il Sole 24 Ore attached, LUBEA CEO, Giuseppe Mura, reflects on the future of new technologies of access to the radio channel, which are increasingly being integrated with the path of digitalization and the duo man-digital ecosystem that awaits us in the next decade. China already holds 40% of patents on 6G, and other countries are trying to catch up with a nation that is always one step ahead of technological evolutions; 6G is no longer a chimera but a reality that will make possible and feasible what 5G has already started: improving the ground for the “real” digital transformation. Realities such as NEOM in Saudi Arabia are another example of the concrete digital transformation, and they represent one of the key excellences at a global level. The Digital Agenda 2030 has many challenging objectives, and we are all preparing to make them concrete… in this decade, the prerequisites are being created for this to be achieved.

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