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LUBEA has been operating for years in the field of infrastructure design of mobile radio networks by integrating classical design standards with innovative analysis and inventory techniques through the use of drones and laser-scans that allow the creation of 3D models of the sites being measured and analyzed. These solutions contribute to give added value to our customers in the field of inspection reports and surveys by providing remotely reproducible and measurable models of the site, minimizing the possibility of error. Our designs in CAD but, above all, in BIM, integrated with the information obtained from the 3D models of the plants, allow us to present final products that verify the real state – “As Is” – of the sites being monitored beyond than to verify if what authorized by the municipalities complies with what is actually present in the field. The survey by laser scanner is carried out by determining the on-site operating modes according to the cases (Roof-Top/Raw-Land site) and by carrying out scans of the RBS from multiple points/angular sectors. From the 3D model, which faithfully reproduces what is present on-site, it is possible to obtain the different geometric measurements of the elements of the system, the dimensions and azimuth of antennas and parables, mechanical tilts, antenna base, parabolic centers, dimensions of the poles, thickness sections of poles/pylons, cable lengths and any other measurable information relating to the site being surveyed. The detection technique used, allows the reduction of the time necessary for the processing of information, greater precision and accuracy in the measurements of the acquired data, the possibility of operating in particularly complex environments and, above all, the use of a single human operator, as well as the possibility of reusing the extracted 3D model for all the necessary analysis and queries needed, even at a later time. All this translates into a cost reduction for the customer and to an added value provided by LUBEA on this specific type of service. On top of these surveys, from on-site inspections, we also produce reports, on request, and supported by an extensive photographic reportage, of the non-conformities found in the sites being measured by proposing intervention solutions in order to initiate the necessary amnesties of the radio plants. On-site structural surveys by our structural engineers then further integrate the “package” of activities that we usually provide during the inspection.

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Giuseppe Mura – CEO – LUBEA s.r.l.