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Today, on April the 3rd , il Sole 24 Ore RadioCor news agency published its newsletter first issue “IT and Communication” on Italian main players dominating the Digital Transformation and the Telecommunications’ market: one of these realities is Lubea Srl, TLC consulting company. In 2017, the CEO and founder, Giuseppe Mura, built an innovative business aimed at leveraging ITC’s Digital Transformation to help societies become more inclusive.
Since the very beginning, six years ago, the company has been increasing its earnings: from 2020 to 2022 its revenue increased by 1,97 million euros which represents an increase of 76%. As a growing number of societies are being evaluated on environment, social and governance criteria by sustainability rating bodies, Lubea has taken on this challenge by promoting sustainable policies, by supporting its customers and by implementing a business ethics-oriented approach.
Moreover, the company has always been focused on implementing eco-friendly campaigns to raise people awareness on how to safeguard the environment; at the same time, Lubea fosters the gender-neutral policies to eliminate the gender gap at workplace, and to enhance women and girls’ knowledge in brand new fields, like the Digital Transformation.
In light of its incredible achievements, for being one of the most Italian successful TLC companies, Lubea is ready to jump into European markets, like Spain.
A question comes to our minds: which is the secret to success?  As stated by the CEO, Giuseppe Mura “over my 20 year experience, I have always thought that what really matters is work in a fast paced, efficient, inclusive and fair workplace. These are the key elements that encouraged me to found Lubea.” 

To learn more about our company, see the sliding photo newsletter with the article by il Sole 24Ore!