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On January 31st, 2023 Le Fonti, Italian body strengthening personal and corporate brand while enhancing inclusive, sustainable, and innovative companies, included Lubea in the so-called Libro d’Oro, listing the fifty leading telecommunications companies of our country of 2022-2023.

Lubea was founded in 2017 by the engineer and CEO, Giuseppe Mura, whose mission was to provide innovative and technological services to customers meeting their needs and requests. Transparency, integrity, and eco-friendly projects had made Lubea a leading company in the Italian market.

Dr. Mura, manager with long lasting experience in telecommunications field and with a clear vision on how to shape company’s purpose, had worked hard to thread his way through the national market making Lubea a successful entrepreneurial reality.

As stated by the CEO, we are proud of our achievements; being listed among the most influential Italian companies in TLC field is a sign that our customers support us and consider us a company to rely on. Moreover, our campaigns aimed to raise people’s awareness about the cultural heritage of our territory have helped us achieve this important goal and become a sustainable and green company.