Network Design

LUBEA offers a full range of outsourcing consultancy and full turnkey solutions and services. These are all tailored for all mobile and fixed line operators and technology vendors of network infrastructures.


LUBEA consultants give full support to the management and coordination of the design studies that produce the documents aimed at obtaining permits for the the building of new Radio Base Stations (BTS)/Network Nodes (NodeB), they verify the compliance of the documents and the documents produced, verify the preliminary and the detailed executive projects, relate to the municipal administrations in order to release opinions necessary to obtain permits, verify the carpentry, reinforcements and follow the ordering phases of the materials as well as coordinating the Civil Works Management and the Companies operating in the field for civil works. Operating in the name and on behalf of our customers, they verify the feasibility of the proposed construction solutions and provide support aimed at expediting construction time of the telecom infrastructures reducing delays which can be costly to all Operators.


Our skills in Network Design/Deployment are such as to guarantee maximum reliability to our customers in the management of all the phases characterizing the infrastructural development of wireless/mobile and optical fiber networks.
LUBEA offers professional services in full outsourcing relating to the acquisition of new candidates to install Radio Base Stations (RBS)/Network Nodes (NodeB), we produce the documents necessary for obtaining permits for the construction of new sites or for the adaptation of existing ones (Preliminary Design Projects, IEA, Static Verifications, Analysis of Constraints, Landscapes documents,…), we follow the authorisation process with the council administrations, environmental protection bodies (ARPA), park bodies and all bodies involved in the project, we prepare the detailed executive projects of the network infrastructures also following the deposit practices to the Civil Engineering Department where any structural reinforcements should be foreseen. We design in Autocad and BIM.
LUBEA also has consolidated experience in the provision of Advanced Network Inventory Services using Laser-Scan and Drones.
These services provide extremely accurate screening of mobile radio network infrastructures through the creation of point clouds that are able to reconstruct the structures with millimeter precision making each element of the same measurable remotely and allowing their export to Revit with the possibility of reproducing the BIM models reliable and in line with what you really have on the field.