Our company has been included in the “Star Brand” 2021 section of the historic March issue of Millionaire, the most widespread and well-known “Business Magazine” in Italy, became an essential point of reference for SMEs and start-ups operating in the Country. In this issue, our CEO, Giuseppe Mura, describes the progress made by LUBEA in recent years and its increasingly important positioning in the reference market.

Our company has supported and continues to support its employees during the health emergency still present in Italy and continues to innovate and grow in its business by aiming for internationalization and an increasingly incisive and digital brand positioning.

In the coming days, we will present the complete interview on our company website in the “News” section….stay tuned 🎙

The contents in the beautiful cover of this edition of Millionaire are inspired by the values ​​in which LUBEA identifies itself making them own day after day. We also would like to wish to Eleonora Chioda good luck for taking the helm of Millionaire in this period of great change that Italy is facing. We are confident that she’ll give an important contribution and value to this project which is already starting in the right way considering the graphic concept realized for the cover and the contents of the March edition.

Giuseppe Mura – CEO – LUBEA s.r.l.