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The protagonist of the new TIM commercial on 5G, on air since the 14th of July, is the heart surgeon Francesco Musumeci who remotely carries out an important surgery thanks to 5G connection, a VR Headset with Front Camera, and two joysticks.

The commercial shows two stories of two different families in which humanity and technology intertwine: its purpose is to illustrate how the new technology can contribute to improve and transform our lives, by bringing down distance barriers and offering new communication opportunities.

Accompanied by the pay-off “The future. Together”, the commercial highlights TIM’s effort and strategic role in the digital transformation of Italy.

In the marvellous Church of St. Peter, on golfo dei Poeti cliff, in Borgo di Porto Venere in Liguria, while wedding ceremony is taking place, the bride’s father, the Italian heart surgeon of international fame Francesco Musumeci walks away, with his daughter and all guests staring in wonderment, to remotely perform a surgery on a girl.

Thanks to 5G connection, with a VR Headset with Front Camera and two joysticks on his hands, the Professor manages to perform the surgery and with his arms moves the robot in the technological operating room in the other side of the scene.

Frames full of emotions, accompanied by the soundtrack taken from “Samson et Dalila” of Elina Garanca, follow one another: a hologram of the girl’s heart on a digital screen and the wall of the hearts “ex-voto”; the happiest moment of the married couple that runs out from the Church and the moment of the girl’s young parents that have been told their child is safe; the father warmly hug the daughter and the girl’s mother hug the doctor for the surgery being successful.

The creative direction and the creation of the commercial is led by Luca Josi, TIM Brand Strategy, Media & Multimedia Entertainment Director, while Matthaus Bussmann is the director, and BlowUpFilm curated the production.



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