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Qualcomm, ZTE and Wind Tre announced a field experimentation plan based on 5G New Radio specifications.

Qualcomm Technologies, ZTE and Wind Tre will conduct interoperability tests and a field experimentation plan based on the 5G New Radio (NR) specifications developed by 3GPP. The tests will be used to certify the user experience of the 5G services and technologies, to allow in a short time the launch of commercial networks based on infrastructures and devices compatible with the 5G NR standard.

Experimentation will be conducted in the 3.7 GHz frequency band and will use 5G advanced technologies to achieve transmission speeds of several Gigabits per second, lower latency and greater reliability.

Fifth-generation mobile networks will be essential to respond to customers’ growing demand for a better mobile broadband experience and, at the same time, will allow the foundation for service needs in different areas, such as Smart City, Connected Car, e-health, Smart Energy and Industry 4.0.

The project will use the ZTE devices, which communicate on 5G radio interfaces with prototype devices developed by Qualcomm Technologies, based on the Wind Tre guidelines. As for Qualcomm, the next Snapdragon X50 modem, whose production is scheduled for 2019, will be the protagonist of the first wave of 5G with frequencies below 6 GHz and above 24 GHz.

“We have launched a full range of high and low frequency 5G products and complete solutions. In addition, ZTE is developing a series of technology keys, solutions and models of networks and industrial partners. A detailed series of field tests will help us to pursue the aim of discovering and solving potential problems before the maximum commercial use of the 5G “said Bai Yanmin, general manager of ZTE TDD & 5G products.

Source: LUBEA News on Line

Reference date: 2017-12-18