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On Sunday 28th of April, LUBEA joined the CT EUR’s official presentation of club sponsors and sporting teams.

A big celebration and a unanimous “good luck” to all club team athletes that will compete this year in 4 different sport disciplines: Tennis, Paddle, five-a-side Football and Running.

The event opened the 2019 sports season and introduced both teams and sponsors of the Club: LUBEA for the Running team, Porsche for the Tennis team, Leasys (FCA Bank Group) for the five-a-side Football team, and Froneri-Nestlè for the Paddle team.

The Running team is the brand-new entry of 2019 season: from its foundation to the present day, CT EUR has never had a team playing this sport. However, with the change of the Statute, the Club, that have included running in the list of the recognized sport disciplines, joined FIDAL (The Italian Athletics Federation – the governing body for athletics in Italy) and constituted the Running team. The team will run in seven official competitions this year, wearing LUBEA sponsored outfit.

During the ceremony, CT EUR President Vincenzo Vecchio, together with the Vice-president Bruno Costi, invited all sponsor companies’ representatives to introduce their partnership program and to discuss about the goals set for 2019.

LUBEA’s Marketing and Communication Officer, Mrs. Maria Vittoria Seu, explained how strategic this partnership with CT EUR is, since the project gives LUBEA the opportunity to support the sport activities of one of the most influential sporting clubs in Italy and to show that the Company plans to invest in sports and young people.

CT EUR Club covers an area of about 41.116 square meters and it is also a beautiful botanic garden: it perfectly integrates sport facilities (10 tennis courts, 2 soccer fields, 2 paddle courts, 1 swimming pool and 1 gym). For the peculiarities above mentioned, it is one of the most beautiful and popular sporting clubs in Italy.

LUBEA will give its support to the Running team in all the 2019 scheduled sports events.

In April, the Club Runners, led by Giovanni Pinori – the team manager – competed in the “Appia Run”, an eight miles run held in Rome Archeological Park.

Next competition will be on the 5th of May and LUBEA can’t wait to cheer for all the 27 members of the Running team! Hurray for the Running team!