In virtue of the consolidated partnership with ZTE, LUBEA has been invited to attend the opening ceremony of ZTE Cyber Security Lab on Tuesday 21st of May.

The Italian subsidiary of China’s ZTE has inaugurated its first European Cyber Security Laboratory in Rome, proving that “Italy is the most important European market for the company”, as the CEO of ZTE Italy, Mr. Hu Kun, has highlighted during the summit. Moreover, last week ZTE Corporation launched its inaugural Cyber Security Lab in Nanjing, China.

The Cyber Security Lab will help ICT Industry to defend itself from cyber security’s risks by developing products and end-to-end security services subjected to verification and analysis. The main goal is to promote transparency and reinforce mutual trust between users and market players.

Also Hon. Angelo Tofalo, the Italian Under Secretary of Defense, Flavia Marzano, Assessor of Roma Semplice, Li Bin, Minister Counsellor of Chinese Embassy and Zhong Hong, Chief Security Officer of ZTE, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The coming of 5G radio access technology, in Italy and all over the world, entails cyber risk’s increasing. The cyber risk’s increasing is strictly connected to a high level of complexity when we need to protect the network and services. Cyber risks can be classic cybercrimes or geopolitical (cyber espionage between countries): it becomes necessary to acknowledge the importance of cyber security and to get prepared to inevitable dangers coming from 5G network and services usage.

This is the reason why we must increase the level of cyber security with a view to a future in which everything will be connected, thanks to mobile fifth generation.

As the European Committee has stated, 5G networks, at their very first stage, may be inadequate and the cyber risk is around the corner. The risk basically comes from the complexity of protecting networks and services via SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization). Indeed, by making the system available to all users, we must face with the fact that the new structure is less efficient in terms of security and more vulnerable in terms of cyber attacks.

ZTE is committed to the security demands of customers and regulators, leveraging the platform of the cyber-security lab for further transparency, cooperation and communication. Moving forward, the company will collaborate with large security organizations to jointly conduct security assessment, certification, training and consulting.

LUBEA, very sensitive and extremely aware of cyber security’s risks, appreciates ZTE’s invitation to the Cyber Security Lab opening ceremony and is confident that this step forward will consolidate ZTE’s reliability in the Italian TLC industry.

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Written by: Maria Vittoria Seu – MCO – LUBEA s.r.l.