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The digital transformation enables companies to offer the new generation of workers a workplace for the digital age, one that delivers on their expectations of mobility, device independence and application freedom.

The four Italian mobile operators – Wind Tre, Vodafone, TIM and Iliad – invest both in the education of their employees and future leaders, focusing their attention on the dynamism of market trends, all directed towards digital environment.

Wind Tre and the partnership with Luiss Business School.

On Friday 13th of September in Rome, Jeffrey Hedberg, the CEO of Wind Tre, gave a speech at the Luiss Business School MBA master’s graduation ceremony.

Source: Askanews, Jeffrey Hedberg at Villa Blanc attending the Luiss Business School MBA master’s graduation ceremony

In front of the 60 Villa Blanc new graduates, Hedberg’s speech covered the main issues of leadership and changing and he shared his vision of future leaders’ distinguishing features and how digital innovation plays a crucial role in business development. According to the CEO of Wind Tre, in Italy we are living in a time of rapid change and disruption, driven by innovation and digital transformation. The need of a digital transformation generates new opportunities and new business models, that rapidly change and require leaders to be innovative and to invest more in education and development. “In the next few years – Hedberg states – the real and sustainable competitive advantage will be embracing the current change to attract, develop and inspire future talents. In order to be able to face these challenges, universities and business schools, like Luiss, need to create and strengthen public-private partnerships, focusing on the leadership and the soft skills required in a period full of great change”.

This is why Wind Tre has started working jointly with illustrious Italian universities and business schools implementing programs in our country which are aimed at developing the technical skills of talents. Moreover, the company supports Luiss Enlabs, one of the most important digital startups incubators in Europe thanks to the Venture Capital.

Vodafone e digital skills.

In 2018, Vodafone was listed among the “Top Employers” companies because of the high quality of the training courses provided for its employees, the strategy of talents development programs and the corporate culture. In Italy, the English company provides every year over 45 thousand of training days, both in the classroom and online, paying more and more attention to digital issues. There are several specific programs dedicated to digitization and customized according to the seniority and the experience of the employee inside the company.

What has always been the distinguishing feature of Vodafone is the enhancement of diversity. Vodafone is among the first Italian companies to have formally agreed an “Inclusion commitment” to offer equal opportunities regardless of race, cultural background, gender, age, sexual orientation, in order to better understand the customer’s needs.

Source: Vodafone, Annabelle Akintoye got a 2:2 in her degree in chemical engineering from Swansea University

Such an approach encourages to evaluate candidates according to their value and promotes a leadership model of a wider scope. Therefore, Vodafone updated its HR policies to accept graduates with a 2:2 (in the UK) or equivalent – focusing on a candidate’s digital skills and potential instead.

TIM Academy.

The TIM Academy is Telecom’s corporate university, created with the aim of generating and spreading new skills on digital transformation, ensuring the competitiveness of the company over time: it is a physical and digital place for the development and sharing of professional and leadership skills, creative thinking, strategy and innovation, thanks to the partnership with universities and research centers.

Source: Rome TIM Academy

Again, the project is targeted to develop digital skills: open meetings and virtual classrooms for the Group’s employees, that, starting from a self-evaluation test of their knowledge, combine to generate paths capable of ensuring the ongoing updating of the digital skills according to European standard, DigComp. After a final test, employers will be rewarded with an “open badge”. In 2018, for example, have been delivered over 15.000 open badges and over 30.000 people participated in training courses.

Iliad launches the “Young leaders” project.

The fourth mobile operator, that entered the Italian market last year, hasn’t created a structure equivalent to those of the other mobile operators in Italy. Today, there’s still no specific course concerning digital education for Iliad employees. However, Iliad doesn’t keep out of the initiative on education of young talents.

Source: Universe Free, iliad –  the first project of specialized training for young students

The name says it all: Iliad bets on young talents by providing four scholarships to four students of the postgraduate course in Fiber Optic Splicer, organized by ELIS Center and aimed at training recent graduates.

Maria Vittoria Seu
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