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Live from Barcelona here are all the news announced at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

The fair is confirmed as the leading European event on the mobile world, a unique opportunity to take stock of the main trends in the sector and to measure the new balance between the big brands. Many devices announced just at the fair, but the MWC is not just smartphones: from 5G to IoT, from the social networks to the automotive industry, setting up a large window on what is the world of wide-ranging innovation.

MWC 2019: Intelligent Connectivity

“Intelligent Connectivity”: this is the payoff of MWC 2019. Doubt is always more lawful, but vice is more in demand. The process of intentions, in fact, is not done: it is evident that progress and innovation are set in motion on the basis of ambitions, hopes and desires. In any case, in short, it is a positive dynamic that may seem obvious to the fact that it is clearly working for that “Intelligent Connectivity”.

The process that will lead to the new dimension of humanity (because of this we are talking about) is nevertheless long and complex. The current phase will perhaps not be remembered as the most innovative and disruptive, but it is equally evident that at this stage we are working to create those pieces that will enable the revolution of tomorrow.

The keywords are all in the Mobile World Congress 2019: 5G, the great mantra that will enable the connection between devices and people making the world even smaller and faster, until it reaches instantaneousness; artificial intelligence, in a race towards singularity, today a self-confident stunt of himself trying to demonstrate in any way what the future potential of the encounter between man and machine could be; IoT, i.e. that dialogue between devices that will feed that set of sensors that will generate a new large nervous system distributed to the service of AI; virtual reality, or augmented, in any case simulated: virtualizing reality means creating a meeting place in which to experiment, remotely control, multiply experiences and act in a dimension free of friction and danger.

In short, the horizon is as far as it is outlined. Yes, innovation is going to create a better world, but we must take care not to stumble along the way: while enabling new technologies, in fact, we need to invest heavily on man, culture and awareness of what is about to happen. In order not to be overwhelmed by the future, for the best it may be, we need to guarantee a soft rotation between the generations. This is not the responsibility of the Mobile World Congress, however: in this showcase, the industry has shown all its capacity and the road is paved towards that “better future” to which everyone, inevitably, we hope to arrive.

Translated by: LUBEA News on-line

Date: 2018-02-04

Written by: Filippo Vendrame