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On the occasion of LUBEA second anniversary, we’ve launched an innovative “idea of gifts” to push people to be more environmentally friendly without purchasing disposable objects.
That’s the reason why we have started working with Chilly to produce aluminum water bottles. Their peculiarity is they can keep warm/cold water for more than 18 hours. Also, they are handy, and you can always take them with you.
You might have heard about the plastic recycling issue and Nations’ efforts to raise people awareness of waste management, of illicit landfills and “plastic crust” (small pieces of plastic against rocks). Therefore, even if we all try to do our part to safeguard the environment through waste sorting, plastic bottles keep damaging the planet spreading marine pollution. According to recent statistics, every year 8 tons of plastic pollutes oceans and seas, while 33.000 plastic bottles pollute the Mediterranean Sea making it one of the most polluted are in our country. We should all commit ourselves to reducing environmental pollution and call on governments to promote awareness campaigns like ours!

LUBEA has done its part in the fight against pollution: Chilly’s aluminum bottles, with LUBEA logo on them, have already been provided to company’s employees. We are proud that our employees have endorsed this initiative with such a great enthusiasm! LUBEA takes this case to heart and will support these kinds of initiatives through up to the end.