On the occasion of LUBEA’s second birthday, we’ve created one of the most appreciated “ideas of gifts”, keeping a precise mission in mind: promoting the adoption and the everyday usage of reusable things, disadvantaging the purchase of disposable things.
This is the reason why we realized aluminum bottles in co-branding with Chilly’s. The style meets performance, since the bottles have an enviable stylish design and they can maintain the water warm/cold for more than 18 hours. The bottles are elegant and easy to take with you on every occasion.
Many of you have certainly heard about the problem on how to recycle plastics, the failure of Nations to ensure proper urban waste management, the existence of illegal landfills and the “plasticrust” (small pieces of plastic that attach to the rocks, like molluscs do). Therefore, even though a person tries to protect the environment following the rules of separate collection of waste, his plastic bottles may also contribute to the marine pollution. The numbers speak for themselves: 8 tons of plastics float in the seas each year and 33,000 of plastic bottles enter our wonderful Mediterranean Sea each minute (it is considered one the most critical area, indeed). Let’s try to think about how polluted the Mare Nostrum will be in few years if governments won’t raise public awareness with specific information campaigns or with initiatives such as the one our Company is promoting!
As many have already done, LUBEA has also chosen to play its part in the fight against pollution, without losing its style!
Chilly’s bottles with brand LUBEA have already invaded all employees’ desks, in red and black as the original Company’s colors.
We can say that this is the first time employees accept company’s initiative with such a great enthusiasm! LUBEA is willing to keep on going on the eco-sustainability path in order to protect the environment.

Maria Vittoria Seu
LUBEA s.r.l.